We provide Drone-as-a-Service solutions to various industries:

Precision Agriculture

  • High-resolution mapping for general crop monitoring and farm planning
  • NDVI analysis of crop health and vigour
  • Aerial survey for flood and irrigation channel design
  • Aerial survey for field levelling and contour bank planning

Wildlife and Conservation

  • Monitoring of wildlife
  • Conducting population counts
  • Spotting poachers or illegal lodgers
  • Active tracking of wildlife
  • Thermal Imaging

Insurance Assessments

There is considerable pressure on Loss Adjusters after a natural disaster to accurately quantify and assess the degree of loss in a timely and accurate way. Using drones to capture high-resolution maps or imagery of a property is a quick and cost-effective means of achieving this.


  • Mine-Quarry volumetric survey
  • Bulk earthworks assessments and progress monitoring
  • Road / rail route mapping and quantities
  • End of Month stockpile volume analysis

Aerial Inspection

  • Pipeline inspections
  • Dam wall condition monitoring
  • Power line and tower inspection
  • Building facade and roof due diligence
  • Solar farm and roof solar panel inspection

Aerial Photography and Video

AgDrones offers high definition aerial drone photography and video. Sell or market your farm or property faster with our high definition drone marketing videos.