AgWing PRO

The Mapping UAV.

The AgWing Pro is an autonomous platform made specifically for collecting the data needed to produce georeferenced ortho-mosaics for NDVI analysis, digital elevation models (DEMs), and more. The entire workflow has been streamlined for this purpose from mission planning to post-processing.


  • General Monitoring
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Mapping & Surveying

Flight Features

  • 80 – 90 min flight time¹
  • Cruise Speed: 15m/s (50 kmph)
  • Mapping Area: up to 300 ha per flight at 5.0cm/pixel resolution

¹ depends on altitude above sea-level


  • Hand Launch (Take-Off)
  • Auto Landing
  • Programmable Waypoints
  • Auto Return to Home

Camera Options

  • Full HD Camera (16MP)
  • Dual Band NDVI (Red + NIR)
  • FLIR Duo (Thermal + Visual)
  • FLIR Vue (Thermal)
  • Agrowing (Multispectral NDVI)
  • Sequoia (Multispectral NDVI)

GPS Options

  • M8N – ±1.5 m Hover Accuracy
  • RTK – Centimeter Level Hover Accuracy

Solution Components

  • AgWing Pro UAV
  • Precision Mapping Camera Trigger
  • Remote Controller
  • Long Range Telemetry Modules
  • Endurance Batteries
  • Balanced Battery Charger
  • Custom Hard Case

Hardware Specifications

  • Dimensions: 119cm Wingspan
  • Dimensions: 55cm Length